Richard Caskey

  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Mediator
  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Appellate Mediator
  • Qualified Court Appointed Arbitrator

Probate, Guardianship, and Trust Mediation

Probate, guardianship, and trust mediations are often highly technical and deeply emotional.  As a result, mediation of these disputes requires specific legal knowledge as well as stamina, patience, and diplomacy.

Richard Caskey has over twenty years of mediation experience. Due to his specialized law practice as a probate and trust litigator, he is routinely requested by counsel and appointed by courts to mediate estate-related conflicts. Focusing on mediation of probate, guardianship, and trust disputes, Mr. Caskey approaches each mediation with experience, empathy and endurance, as well as his familiarity with underlying law and procedure.

Offering Remote and In-Person Mediation Services throughout Florida

Mr. Caskey is experienced in conducting remote, virtual mediations, which provide parties and lawyers the opportunity to attend mediation online.  For those interested in live attendance, he offers in-person and hybrid mediations in his Tampa office on Harbour Island.  Additionally, Mr. Caskey travels throughout the state to conduct in-person mediations, with no charge for travel time to most central Florida and west coast locations.

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