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Often, disputes arise in estate, trust, and guardianship matters.  Sometimes, those disputes lead to litigation that can interfere with and delay administration of an estate, trust, or guardianship.  We provide a wide range of services to counsel our clients in these adversarial situations and obtain an efficient and effective resolution.

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J. Richard Caskey

Attorney at Law

J. Richard Caskey (``Rich``), a Tampa native, focuses his law practice in the areas of estate and trust litigation, fiduciary liability, and probate law. Rich assists families and fiduciaries in various aspects of estate, trust, and guardianship administration, and handles all aspects of disputes that might arise in those matters, including litigation, mediation, and trial.


Litigation in probate can occur when a Last Will and Testament is contested or there is disagreement about who should inherit assets. Will contests are usually based on claims of undue influence, forgery, or lack of mental capacity. J. Richard Caskey is experienced in representing clients in these matters, as well as a wide variety of other probate-related disputes.


J. Richard Caskey is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Mediator and Appellate Mediator, and is a Florida Qualified Court Appointed Arbitrator. He specializes in resolution of probate, trust, and guardianship disputes, and serves as mediator in jurisdictions throughout Florida. Mr. Caskey is available to conduct mediations remotely through virtual mediation software, as well as in-person at our offices or a location of your choosing.


Just as in probate, trust beneficiaries sometimes challenge a trust based upon undue influence or lack of mental capacity. Likewise, trust beneficiaries often disagree about the division of assets or the interpretation of a trust instrument. J. Richard Caskey, P.A. is accustomed to aggressively representing clients in trust litigation matters.


Fiduciaries such as trustees, guardians, personal representatives, and agents under powers of attorney, are sometimes accused of accounting violations, malfeasance, or other breaches of their duties. J. Richard Caskey has years of experience prosecuting and defending these claims.

J. Richard Caskey, P.A.

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